Saturday, November 6, 2010

Spinach Linguine with Pesto and Artichoke Hearts

IMG_1485 Before


From Veginomicon.

It was really good, but I think would be even better with some red pepper flakes.

It used Linguine, Canned Artichoke Hearts, and a pesto recipe that used basil, cilantro, almonds, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and olive oil. I definitely suggest this one.

IMG_1486  After. :)


Also, a little bit of Hummus from today


I think more kids should eat hummus as a snack, simply because it is cheap, filling, a nutritious. Instead of MacDonalds fries. (ok, this leads me to a story, story time!)


So there is a McDonalds right across from my school, along with a 7-11, a dollar store, a sonic, a subway, and a really cheap soft serve ice cream place near by. So guess what the majority of my school does at lunch? No surprise. And man, the sugary tea and cookies at 7-11 are raking in the money for them. Ew. Just think, these kids are holding up the reputation for being in the healthiest state in the country. Shame. Now if we had fresh food at school. Oh man, we would all live to be 200 years old. 


  1. Oh, man, this reminds me of how often I HAD to go to McDonald's in highschool - band trips, ballgames, field trips, etc...I was a vegetarian at the time, not vegan yet so I always got fries (didn't know at the time about the meat coating) or an apple pie. Ick. And after school I'd go to our next door convenience store and scrounged up loose change for pb cups. You are so fortunate to have gotten healthier habits at a younger age. Your food looks great.

  2. Yeah. ick. I'm so glad too. Thank you!