Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Magazine Review: Vegetarian Times and World Class Vegan Runners

So, today I will tell you all about what I think of Vegetarian Times.

Name: Vegetarian Times

Cost per 1 year subscription: 14.95 per their website

Vegan? Partially.

Good points:

  • Lots of recipes that are easy to make
  • A Recipe Index in the back that tells whether a recipe is Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Low Calorie, Low Saturated Fat, or 30 min or fewer
  • Useful product reviews


  • Not completely vegan
  • Sometimes to many non food product reviews


and also, I want to talk about Veganism and running. Because I’m a runner..and…a…VEGAN!

Scott Jurek is the first Vegan runner I can think of. He is a ulta marathon runners. Check out his blog here..

Also, a nice blog called No Meat Athlete

and I just want to reassure you, if you don’t already know, that being a Vegan will most likely improve your athletic performance, never hurt it (unless of course your a junk food vegan). I’ve heard more testimonies lately that being a Vegan gave this or that athlete more energy and a quicker recovery time. Do you guys know any vegan athletes?


and finially, I’ve got a question. I’m going to Germany next year for 3 weeks on exchange, in Bavaria, where Kreisfleich (Cheese and Meat) is pretty much what everyone eats. Hopefully I’ll find a German exchange partner that is at least a vegetarian, but beats me. So I ask you-fellow bloggers, to tell me what you take on long trips with lots of traveling for food. Also, have you ever stayed with a non-vegan family? How did you arrange eating?

Peace, Love, and Mofo.

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