Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Science of a Vegan Lunchbox

But back to lunches.
Whatever you do, don’t think the only thing vegans eat for lunch is PB and Jelly on white bread.
First, acquire the proper lunch packing materials
  • IMG_1228  A lunchbox, no brown bags.
  • Reusable bags (I ordered mine online)
  • Small and portable Tupperware containers for salads/dressings/fruit etc
  • A Thermos (occasionally used)
  • A water bottle
Next, fine tune what you can fit in your lunchbox
I usually take a sandwich/wrap (more on that in a minute)
A piece of fruit or a container of chopped fruit
Some veggies (I’m working on having on hummus on hand all the time too..)
And what else goes in there varies by day
If soup was the night before, then I usually take a thermos full and pack some bread and fruit in the lunchbox.
Also, some of my favorites are dried fruit, nuts, rice yogurt, some seitan/tempeh…and…stuff.

Vegan Lunchbox is a good book, especially if your in a rut of packing the same thing every day for lunch. What do you guys pack for your lunch; or your kids lunch?

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