Monday, August 9, 2010


Here’s the food highlights from my trip to Seattle.


A eggplant/hummus/pepper sandwich on Italian bread with beet salad.

The sandwich was really good but the guy told me the beet salad was vegan but it had honey in it…lame. It was so good to eat that after a long morning of traveling.


        Giant snicker doodle (who ever came up with that name?). It was AMAZING. It was massive.

         I noticed that it had tofu in it. Time for a experiment! I’m guessing that was what made it so moist.







Banana Chip Muffin. Fo sho. That thing was muffin heaven. My new goal is to recreate this thing. (except mabye in a smaller size)





IMG_0923 IMG_0927

BEFORE                                                      AFTER

We bought this yummy papya in Pike Place Market along with some peaches and baked goods and ate that for breakfast. Best breakfast ever.

I’m going to post our night at a vegan restaurant in another post. So read that one too!

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