Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eating out with a XC team!

 So...This weekend I had 2 cross country meets where we took a bus both days, and then got dinner/lunch on the way back. Eating out with people can be interesting when you have no choice where to go. However, here is my rundown of Colorado Springs chain restaurants with accidentally vegan option (because, can we really hope that anyone but someone at Whole Foods even knows what a vegan is, let alone carries vegan food?)

1) Chipotle - Veggie burritos with corn salsa, guacamole, and lots of black beans? yes.
2) Subway - Their employees are not very well educated about what is in their food, but fyi, Italian Bread is vegan. I held up a giant line once to find that out.
3) Noodles and Company- They even have a sign that says what's vegan! I love their food!
4) Pei Wei- Has the best tofu i've ever had. I don't know how they make it so dense and delicious. Anyone have any idea?
5) Taco Bell- Yes, Taco Bell. Bean burritos without cheese are actually vegan. So if your ever starving in the middle of Kansas and there's no other food around, Taco Bell is available!
6) Grocery Stores - The #1 resource for a hungry vegan on the move. Enough said.

The past two days I ended up with a Chipotle and a Subway. I was lucky!

Also, thought number 2..

Check this Defensive Omni card out. Hilarious!

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