Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When I became a Vegetarian and a Vegan

So. I thought I would tell a little story about when I became a vegetarian and the ripe age of 13. Its a pretty life changing event. I think becoming a Vegetarian has directed the course of my whole life. but more on that in a minute.
So...In the 8th grade I had been my usual self. Eating what I was fixed, and not really thinking about food. First, one of my friends became a vegetarian(although later he gave into peer pressure and ate meat again because he was the first of our kind and people didn't know what to think), and later my cousin, and then my best friend Kasey became a vegetarian. All of this kind of rubbed off on me. I'm sure I was like everyone else I meet now who doesn't know anything about vegetarianism ("WHAT DO YOU EAT!!!? WHERE do you get your protien? Ewww...soymilk is gross. But plants have feelings too!), but I don't honestly remember. However, (this is the best part) one Thanksgiving, we were at my grandparents house eating away on Turkey and one of the says we were there, I got a plate of Turkey, was halfway to the dining room, looked at it, was kind of disgusted with myself, and told my mom, "I want to be a vegetarian", to which she replied, "Cool! I've always wanted someone to be a vegetarian with me!" (well, she probably didn't say that verbatim, but you get the point). So I gave disposed of my plate of Turkey somehow and was a vegetarian from then on. 
It was then that I started to be conscious of what I ate. I don't remember it being hard, because I was disgusted be meat at that point. I don't think my dad or my brother(who is still a carnivorous environment hater) liked it to much. But oh well! So I was a vegetarian for 3 more years until my Sophomore year in high school....(to be continued)

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