Monday, June 14, 2010

Milk Replacements and some general kitchen wisdom

There are a TON of milks out there that can be used to replace milk in whatever you need it for. Soy milk(watch out, some contain milk by-products…lame) Almond, Hemp,Rice….

Soy Milk- my favorite, its the only kind I use. If you don’t like the taste at first, because I didn’t either, eat it in your cereal, and gradually work up to drinking it plain. I’ve never had a problem with it in recipes(plus, Fruit Loops are 100x better with soymilk). Use it in just about anything, just make sure to use the unsweetened/unflavored kind in your recipes.

Every brand is different, so you might like one over the other. Store brands are usually cheaper, and they don’t really make much of a difference to me, so i buy whatever is cheapest that day.

Rice Milk- Is very sweet and very light. It wasn’t my favorite but i did like it. Because of it’s sweetness it works well in deserts and not in savory or salty dishes.  Good if your allergic to soy.

Hemp Milk- I’ve never tried it, but all I know is that it is expensive….I’ll try it out sometime

Almond Milk/Cashew Milk- I can’t say I’ve tried this either, but I’ve heard that it has a pretty creamy consistency like soymilk and is good for rich things like smoothies.

Cereal is easy to eat as a vegan with fake milks- not only are a ton a cereals vegan(even the sugary ones like Froot Loops and Captain Crunch) but I personally think they all taste better with soymilk.


There are vegan butters out there- my favorite is Earth Balance. Mostly because they sell it at King Soopers for I can pretty much get it wherever I am. In recipes, use equal amounts of applesauce or you can use vegetable oils also. I always use applesauce when baking sweets or things like that. I use Earth Balance for everything else cooking wise (toast[it tastes great by itself], homemade tortillas, whatever else you use butter for)

and….that's it. For now.

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