Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hummus and Albino Bison…


So, my boyfriend and I went to a Middle Eastern place for dinner the other night, and of course, he is not a vegan, and has never really eaten anything super ethnic before. unfortunately , he wasn't’ a super big fan, but I was; so we’ll see about this.

However,(now for something completely different) on a college road trip this weekend we ran into some…White Buffalo. IMG_0087[1]

Isn’t that cool?

I just learned using the occasionally reliable internet resource Wikipedia, that they can be part cow, albino, or have some sort of genetic thing.

Anyway… I’ll end on a vegan note. At Western State College we ate in their new cafeteria, where I managed to find a veggie sandwich. Which was pretty good. I’ve managed to find vegan food at all the colleges I’ve been to, although some advertise it more than others. I think though, that colleges should focus a tad bit more on anyone with diet restrictions, whether gluten-free or vegan or raw. But not to bad, overall.



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