Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today at breakfast I was looking though a WIRED magazine that was sitting on our kitchen table, and I came across the most anti-vegan article I could ever think of existing. Take a look.

Image (5) Go ahead and read it if you would like another reason to be a vegan. If not, the lower article consists of Foie Gras, Spam, Beef, and Veal Bones. Of course, Foie Gras… do I really need to go there? Spam? Who knows what the heck is in that. The beef is ‘grain finished’, although when I looked up the company that they get their beef from, it looks like it at least is not factory farmed. I guess their trying to undo the Foie Gras and Veal Bones. Veal Bones? Enough Said. 


The other is like Turducken on crack. mmm….yummy. You just have to read that one.

Officially, I have to say I am turned off to this magazine. (Yes, turned off, that’s how much I really dislike this one) Of course, they do give a mention to ‘Vat grown meat’ later in the article. Does it make up even a little bit? You decide.

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