Saturday, May 7, 2011

I had a German to feed!

So the past couple weeks have been filled with candy, food, candy, vegan cooking parties, potlucks, candy, and well….candy. While my exchange student was here we fed her maple syrup, fruit loops, skittles, gushers, and other random candies and foods for the first time. That was cool. oh and s’mores. that was fun. There was chalking and garden gnome stealing and dance parties…and well. you get the idea.

So now I am going to tell you about our vegan cooking party we had last Wednesday, which rocked!

So we just wanted to cook, but we did it at my house so it turned out vegan. My friend Blake and I cooked with a little help from everyone else.

We started with mashed potatoes (there was a reason for that) and I started on a vegan lasagna from Veginomicon. The mashed potatoes came out first so Blake arranged them in a potato pyramid, like so…


Then, we started on peanut butter cups from 100 best vegan baking recipes, which we turned into little peanut butter muffins, even though the recipe just wanted them to be filled cookies.

IMG_0415 Here is the peanut butter filling.

IMG_0416The dough we rolled out pretty thin (like a coin thickness) and then cut with a biscuit cutter and put in the cups, then cut a smaller circle and used it to cover the top.



IMG_0417Here is the finished product. They were pretty good!

And just to do things out of order, the lasagna came out at the same time, but here is a crappy picture of the empty pan. (Because that’s how fast it got eaten.)

lasagna pan

Everyone was really surprised at how good it was. No one there was a vegan, the only vegetarian was my partner, and I fed it to a room full of Germans. Now that is a success!

Apparently one of the exchange students went home and went on and on about how good it was even though it was vegan. Whoop!

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